Canada's Changing Demographics... What's the future for Canada?

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How will changing demographics impact Canada?

The results of the Canadian  census are coming in and it provides some interesting information. The population growth within the country in the past 5 years has been mainly due to immigration. Canada’s population grew 5% to become 35.1 million to remain the fastest growing country in the G7.

All western provinces saw a growth rate higher than the national average of 5% with Alberta having the highest, 11.6%. The traction gained in the western provinces are due to many factors such as the governmental initiatives to distribute the population away from typical hotspots like Toronto and Montreal. By easing the requirements to obtaining permanent resident status, people are settling in new places. In addition, the western provinces have a huge natural resource-based economy which draws people who have the necessary skills to work in these high paying careers.   

Only 1/3 of the population increase can be accounted for due to natural growth. Immigration has been playing a greater and greater role in the growth of the Canadian population and for good reasons. To offset the aging demographics and to keep economic growth high, immigration has a vital role to play now and in the future.  


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