Drastic Changes to the Owner Operator LMIA Stream

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Drastic Changes to the Owner Operator LMIA 


The owner/operator LMIA, a long-standing pathway for businesspeople to start operations in Canada has been drastically changed. In our opinion this will negatively impact future business owners that are looking for an entrance into Canada.

In the past, this program did not require advertising and recruitment efforts to apply for a Labour market impact assessment (LMIA). Rather, through a simple job offer, the owner/operator could apply for their own work permit. Eventually, with this job offer or subsequent work experience, they would be able to apply for Permanent Residence.

With the new changes, every owner-operator must follow the standard LMIA recruitment procedures. They must show proof of trying to hire local Canadians and permanent residents before applying for an LMIA. They will also need to pay themselves the prevailing wage as advertised, even if it is to themselves upon a positive approval of an LMIA.

Service Canada has also emphasized that they will only approve this owner-operator LMIA for businesses already set up an in daily operations for at least 1 year prior to submission.

What was once a secure pathway for ambitious business owners has now been made drastically more challenging.

To overcome these new requirements, the best way to still move forward with O/O applications would be to consider acquiring an existing business.

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