Insurance Horror Stories

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Insurance Horror Stories - Why You Need to Protect Yourself

There are many benefits of having a proper insurance policy, such as peace of mind, but what do you have to lose by not being sufficiently covered?

Below is a true story of the consequences of not being properly insured.

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Let’s look at an example of travel insurance gone wrong.

A family invited their mother on a regular visitor visa to Canada. They did not choose to sponsor under the Super Visa program as she was not going to stay for a long period. They even purchased medical insurance for her stay here.

The insurance expired around 2 weeks before she was to leave Canada, but unfortunately, she had an emergency medical condition. She had to stay in the hospital for almost a month, meanwhile growing a bill of over $600,000.

Emergency medicine in North America is outrageously expensive.

This family had to declare bankruptcy, sell their cars and be tied to a lifetime repayment of that $600,000. 2 weeks was all it took to turn a well-intentioned family reunion to a lifetime of debt bondage.

We have witnessed many cases of people who are under financial distress due to little or no insurance coverage combined with an unforeseen accident.


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Insurance is your safety net for any curve ball life throws your way, so be prepared.



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